Samuel Garfield as Derek Jarman
Jeremiah Dupre as The Groundskeeper from Melbourne
Keith Collins as The Man in the Window
Edward Singletary, Jr., as The Headmaster
Dalilah Rain as Betts Jarman
Kamran Ali Taylor as Derek Jarman, Aged 6
Clint Catalyst as The Interviewee
Aldo Vento as Davide
Kaiden Blake as Gavin
Nicholas Phillips as the Prefect
Samuel Perone as The Art Teacher
Zac Crandell as The Cameraman
Colby Murray, Jeff Onassis, Jonathan Rackleff, David A. Callihan, and Juan Guillen as The Boarders
Matthew Hammett Knott as The Cruising Boy, Soho and Hampstead Heath
Lewis Reynolds as The Cruising Ginger, Hampstead Heath
William Wilde, Stuart Potter, and Andreas Andrea as The Boys on Hampstead Heath
Matthew Mishory as The Super8 Filmmaker Shane Wilde as The Narrator


Written and Directed by Matthew Mishory
Executive Producer Andreas Andrea
Produced by Stephanie Frank, Edward Singletary, Jr., Joe Wihl, Lili Wilde, and Matthew Mishory
Cinematography by Lili Wilde
Production Design by Samuel Perone
Film Editing by Johannes Bock
Original Score by Arban and Steven Severin
Costumes by Azrael Renea White
Hair and Make-up by Beverley McFall
Sound Design by Borja S. R.
Post-Production by Kimberly Willming
Line Producer Stephanie Frank
Casting Director Edward Singletary, Jr.
Unit Production Manager Alexa Coblentz
Co-Executive Producer Cristopher G. Sabol
Associate Producers Troy Kelly, William F. Kauffman, Alexa Coblentz, and Michael Duarte
1st Assistant Director Drew Murphy
Art Director Andrew Haynes
Music Supervisor Cheryl Singletary
Clint Catalyst's Costume by Jared Gold
Creative Consultants Brian Kates, Jonathan Caouette, and Robert Zimmer, Jr.
Colourist Lili Wilde
Compositor Kyra Dunn
Gaffer Zach Rasmussen
A Camera Operator Lance Aston
UK Camera Operator Shane Wilde
B Camera Operator Yasu Tanida
HD DIT Von Thomas
Stills Photographer Lili Wilde
Boom Operator Ray Iacovacci
Additional Post-Production Michael Bovberg
Post-Production Support Pedro Shanahan
Production Counsel Cristopher G. Sabol, Esq.
Dolly Grip Dan Haff
Best Boy Electric Justin Moran-Duquette
Swing G/E Sam Schroeder, Mu Sun, and Nick Kane
Production and Transportation Support Peter Indall
Dialect Consultant Nicholas Phillips
Transportation Coordinator Russell Frazier
UK Production Support Matthew Hammett Knott
UK Transportation Coordinator Liam Charalambou
For BOXEight Studio Peter Gurnz, CEO; Michael Utsinger, Azurro Main, Ben Cope, and Chad Wilson
Casting Associate Tony Tafoya
Production Assistants Ian Patrick Anderson, Christine McAuliffe, and Tony Tafoya
Art Department Intern Sean Castle


Photos Lili Wilde
Text Matthew Mishory
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